Wednesday, January 20, 2010

15 min. break: Stormy Solutions

Seems like a lot of the country is being hit by either rain or severe weather.  I feel for you, really I do.  And I am very excited that the sun is peeking out at our house today.  Really lifts my spirits to bask in those warm rays through my window.

 I was just looking at a this blog during my self assigned 15 minute break for today and it brought back memories of the following fun we've had when cooped up indoors last year.  Enjoy!

Today we had a day full of VERY important things: doing dishes, playing dolls, unpacking from our great trip 'to the city', making pancakes, making pretend pancakes in the girls kitchen, dancing to music while being dressed up for 'the ball' etc., .... but I think the VERY MOSTimportant and the activity which drew the most excitement was thePINK BATH {a great idea from a weekly email that I get here. A few drops of food coloring does not hurt or color skin or bath and is PURE JOY for the girls}. And because we were so busy doing all of the VERYimportant things - this is the only picture we have. Enjoy!

I also want to share a fun idea that we've done a couple of times, but unfortunately I can't find the pictures of right now - and because there are only 4 minutes left of my break - you'll have to check back to see if I've found it.   
Life Size Paper Doll Buddies
I often purchase 'newspaper ends' and we use the paper for all sorts of fun! (I am thinking that I need to devote a whole blog to this idea - so look for it soon :} )  This particular time, we used them to make a virtual life sized group of friends.  Took lots of days and the girls LOVED it!
We trace the girls onto the paper and let them go to town coloring the replicas of themselves.  Cut out the paper doll and 'make copies' by tracing the 'paper doll' again and again.  Then let the kiddos go to town coloring. Make it easy on yourself and don't be too detailed about cutting it out. Because I have princesses - we trace a head, arms, and dress (no shoes or feet even).
  Then, we staple two girls together, leaving a few strategic openings around the body.  Next - tear paper off of the roll willy-nilly and stuff it into the life size paper doll.
and there is the timer - color, dance, have a tea party - make a prince and prepare for the most bestest Ball ever - or do something for boys too - hmmmm  - I'll come up with ideas for that later when the timer is not going off and the girls are ready for their promised 'Tea Party'.

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